Hacking Your 1st Year of Teaching

This course addresses everything from a great interview and demo lesson to planning your 1st month and getting to June fearlessly.

This course is for new or first year teachers who are looking for a position or getting ready to plan for a new year. Every teacher has a horror story about their first year of teaching. Many veteran teachers and new teachers alike believe this is part of some horrible initiation that every new teacher has to go through. This course is for those new teachers who don't want to have a horror story. Pre-service teachers will learn specific strategies to get through the interview and demo-lesson process. They will learn lesson planning, classroom management and relationship strategies that are key to getting off to a good start and will improve their chances of having a successful year. Participants will learn step by step instructions for creating lessons that will engage students. You will be able to access a lesson planning template with guiding questions to help you develop your lessons using the ideas of backwards design (Understanding by Design). You will prioritize the most important classroom management routines and procedures to focus on during the first month and learn how to effectively implement those routines and procedures. You will learn which relationships to harness in the first month in order to get off to the best start possible. Finally, you will learn how to plan an amazing first day. In addition to the lesson planning template, you will have access to a lecture and lesson planning template specifically organized for planning group work, one of the main pitfalls for new teachers. Participants will receive twenty-three lectures divided up into four sections: lesson planning, classroom management, relationships and planning the first day. There is an introduction and conclusion for each section with a over an hour of video lectures that provide steps and tasks to complete. If the process is followed, you will leave the course with a solid plan for the first month of school that will ensure a smooth year.

Intended Audience: new teachers

Introduction to the course
The interview
Demo lesson
Lesson Planning Template
Active learning structures
Active lecture structures
Purpose and framework for active learning structures
Nailing the Interview Part 1
Demo lesson Part 1
Demo Lesson Part 2
nailing the interview part 2
Anticipation phase lecture
5 incredible resources
Survival phase lecture
Lesson planning for survival
Lesson planning template
Lesson planning checklist
The basics of productive group work
Cooperative group lesson planning template
Introduction to classroom management
Management for survival
Routines and procedures
Choosing routines and procedures
Teaching routines
Classroom management conclusions
Introduction to relationships
Parent relationships
Mentor relationships
Student relationships
12 questions to ask your mentor
Introductory lesson on the 1st day
1st day lesson planning
Relationships on the 1st day
Management on the 1st day
1st day action steps
Time management

What's included

  • 30 Video Lessons
  • 12 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Gabrielle Marquette